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 Fall is officially here! People always ask me "How often should I have my car detailed?". Of course the answer depends on many variables such as where do you keep the car and how do you use it etc etc..but the absolute minimum I recommend at least four times a year. The change of seasons is a good time to call and schedule a detail. Every season has its own detrimental aspects that can wreak havoc on a cars exterior or interior.

  For fall the big problem is leaves, rain, and wet moldy conditions that can build up on a cars exterior and interior. Convertable tops need re-application of waterproofing to help slow down the aging process. Interiors need fabric and carpet protection applied to resist stains and mold. Paint needs to be protected with high grade professional sealants and waxes to keep it looking fresh and new. Freshly waxed paint is slippery and that helps it stay clean longer and helps to prevent sand, grit, and leaves from sticking.

  FALL IS ALSO FLU SEASON. Why do I mention that? Because now is the time to get a FLU SHOT for your car! Car interiors are known to be one of the most germ infested places that we spend time in. Cup holders and controls, steering wheels and shift levers, door levers and seat belts are all breeding grounds for bacteria. These surfaces are usually handled at least two times a day..insuring they stay freshly loaded with new germs! Do you have kids? We all know how sickness can fly through a community thanks to the classroom environment. Now you can do something to kill those nasty viruses being deposited in your car.

   DRIVE PUR TREATMENTS are the "flu shot" for your car interior. This new "green" technology is available to give a triple shot to clean, sanitize and protect the surfaces from all the nasties. After a good interior cleaning the system is run in the car (with the air conditioning on recirculate) to actually treat every inch of the interior including the vents and A/C - heating system. A fine anti-microbial layer is left to kill any new contaminants for months to come. Odor elimination goes along for the ride! Smokers cars are fresh and clean again. This treatment is available for an additional fee and must be combined with some form of interior be determined after inspection. Call today for more info.

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Customer of the Month

   One of my favorite cars out here on the East End belongs to a former boss, forever friend, Mr. Sam Lester Jr. Sam finished a six year restoration of a classic muscle car this past fall. The 68 Plymouth GTX is a rare and exciting machine. Sam has spared no expense bringing this beautiful and unique beast back to "better than new" condition. Sam is the "perfect" client for a detailer. He has a two daily drivers that we maintain on a regular basis. He has been fathfully using our maintenance program for years and his cars look brand new because of it! He is a hands on kind of client too. He is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to the new hot rod and enjoys learning about all the best techniques to keep his baby looking good. He will most likely be doing the detailing of the GTX, with a little help now and then from us! An educated client is a great client. If you wish do do some of the work on your "baby", we would be glad to help in the process. The more you know about detailing do's and don't's, the better your car will look at the next detail. We love cars, and we love car  lovers! It really is a passion!

New Services at Absolute Shine Auto Spa
   Our latest new offering is a real game changer for the detailing industry. Our new DrivePur Protection System is a "revolutionary self-cleaning, antibacterial treatment for your vehicle". Studies have shown car interiors to be one of the most unhealthy environments you are exposed to on a daily basis. This new treatment attacks all the mold, mildew, bacteria, germs and allergens in the car and kills them. The odors associated are eliminated as well. Smokers cars are a favorite target for us with this new tool. This system also, most importantly I think, adds a layer of protection that prevents these volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from reattaching themselves to surfaces for months at a time. DrivePur is an environmentally friendly, water-based solution. No harmful chemicals are used. Air and light are all that is needed to keep the system working for months of protection. Call today to learn more.

    We are also very happy to aquire a new vapor-steamer for some outragous results cleaning interiors. This machine produces a stream of super cleaning but relatively dry water vapor that blasts all the dirt and sand from the smallest cracks and crevices in a car. It also produces some amazing results with carpets, leaving them dry in a very very short period of time...usually before I leave the car! This is my ultimate crud fighter and I am finding new uses for it everyday. Not many detailers even know what this tool is, and even less have been professionally trained in its use.

   Absolute Shine Auto Spa recently attended the Specialty Equipment Maufacturers Association show (S.E.M.A.) in Las Vegas and as a result we have many great new protection products for the offering. Testing these products on our own cars to confirm the claims is ongoing and just another way that we strive to make our services the best available. Just ask about our "long term protection products" at your next appointment.