About Us

  Our main concern at Absolute Shine Auto Spa is making sure that your expectations for your vehicles detail are met. We love to spend as much time as is needed to "educate" each client about the detailing process. This insures that the technician and the client have mutual and realistic expectations of what is possible within the scope of time and monetary limitations.


  We offer products, and instruction in their use, that can help maintain that just detailed look with minimal time and effort. We use these products day in and day out and on our own vehicles.


  Our passion for cars and detailing is what sets Absolute Shine Auto Spa apart from the crowd.   The products and techniques needed to use them correctly are changing all the time. Our love for this work enables us to stay focused on the industry and this in turn benefits our clients. One good example of this is our training. Where as many detailers "pick up" their skills from here and there that method can be hit or miss. My professional training with one of the detailing industry giants, "Renny Doyle of Attention to Details" has taken my level of work to new levels. Renny and his team of mentors continue to network and keep Absolute Shine Auto Spa up to date with the latest techniques and products.  We will always continue to participate in continuing education and shared knowledge from the detailing industry, thus insuring you the client, the best possible results!



Douglas Cunningham

Phone: 516 457-8010

E-mail: absoluteshine61@optonline.net